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Mu Han Total Martial Arts North Attleboro

Welcome To

Mu Han Total Martial Arts

Are you searching for the best authentic martial arts school experience in southeastern Massachusetts? Mu Han Total Martial Arts utilizes traditional Korean disciplines to produce impressive results. Both kids and adults who train martial arts with us reach their full potential and achieve their goals. Our martial arts and Taekwondo classes focus on technique, increasing strength, and improving character, while creating athletes who are motivated, confident, and resilient. Become the best of the best at Mu Han Total Martial Arts headquarters in North Attleboro, serving these communities:

Martial Arts Training Features

At Mu Han Total Martial Arts, we stand apart from the crowd. Here are a few of the advantages of our martial arts training that you won’t find elsewhere:

  • Legacy

    Join a historic lineage of champions when you take classes at Mu Han Martial Arts in Massachusetts.
  • Motivation

    Athletes of all ages will find themself amongst passionate and like-minded peers that will inspire you to train hard.
  • Virtue

    The discipline and patience gained through martial arts training will positively impact your character.
  • Strength

    Mu Han Total Martial Arts upholds a standard of excellence and dedication in order to produce powerful athletes.
  • Confidence

    The success, grit, and tenacity you’ll gain gives you a new world view filled with self-assurance.

Learn More About Us:

About Us:

The experience at Mu Han Total Martial Arts is like no other due to how we honor tradition and foundational knowledge. Our elite instructors instill confidence and resilience in students by teaching them to focus on personal improvement. Classes at Mu Han Total Martial Arts allow you to practice problem solving, learn self-defense and develop discipline. Physical and mental strength go hand-in-hand during training and bring balance in your lifestyle as a martial artist. Our martial arts and Taekwondo classes are an escape from the world and a space for you to dedicate focus to your personal wellbeing and growth.

We lead by example at Mu Han Total Martial Arts. With more senior Korean trained masters than any other martial arts school, we are rooted in experience and heritage. Thanks to this high quality instruction, our students find a new sense of pride and success while receiving a deeper knowledge of martial arts. Our students’ ability to achieve in martial arts is infectious – they’ll begin achieving in their academic and work lives too. It’s never too late to start improving yourself and your state of mind. We offer kids and adult martial arts classes so everyone is able to experience the benefits of training! As part of the World Taekwondo Federation, Mu Han Martial Arts is proud to continue the foundational teachings of Taekwondo, supplemented by additional martial arts systems.

Our promise to those who partake in the Mu Han lifestyle is to train safely and provide the quality instruction you need in order to become the best version of yourself. We will guide you to high achievements and success regardless of your background. Come visit us at Mu Han Martial Arts headquarters in North Attleboro or our other locations in Taunton and Franklin!

Our History:

Master Oh, Head Master of Mu Han Martial Arts headquarters, first started his martial arts journey as a child in Korea almost 50 years ago. After more than two decades of competing, he moved to the United States in 2000 and began doing martial arts demonstrations for the International Taekwondo Federation. His work doing demonstrations naturally led to a desire to open his own academy and continue fulfilling his desire to teach. As a result, Mu Han Martial Arts was born.

Master Oh opened the first Mu Han Martial Arts location in 2003, and continued to open new locations in Massachusetts over the next two decades. Now, Mu Han Martial Arts is proud to have 3 locations in southeast Massachusetts with the North Attleboro school serving as headquarters. Our sister schools in Franklin and Taunton provide the same high-quality instruction for their surrounding communities.

What are we all about?

Mu Han Total Martial Arts our mission

We travel the same path of discipline to achieve all the goals you have set and beyond. We will provide you with professional Martial Arts instruction, and show you the journey to become a better person through a healthy mind and healthy body in all age groups and conditions.

Mu Han = “No Limits”. Consistently achieve set goals and create new ones by imposing hard work and practice.
‘Today is better than yesterday, tomorrow will be better than today’

Mu Han Total Martial Arts differences

  • The quality of Masters from Korea controls the class quality
  • The integration of many Martial Arts systems delivered with properly experienced Masters
  • Focus on the lifestyle of the Martial Artist.
  • Train safely
    • All Staff is certified in First Aid and CPR from American Heart Association yearly
    • All Staff is  CORI and BRC screened from State (Criminal record)
    • Over 30 years of experience for Masters control of Class quality


Mu Han Total Martial Arts Motto

“To be the best of ……”

Whatever field we want to succeed in, the key facts are the same: a healthy mind and healthy body.

Healthy minds for success are respect, discipline, positive attitude, focus, confidence, etc.

Healthy bodies for success are weight control, cardio, flexibility, muscle strength and muscle tone, endurance, etc.

It is not different, whatever you need to be successful in your field, all of these facts are offered within our arts. When you study at Mu Han Total Martial Arts, you not only learn how to punch and kick, but you will learn the lifestyle as a Martial Artist.

All age groups, all conditions will fit in our common classes, however, other programs will be offered based on your interests. Such as Olympic style competition, fitness, self-defense and traditional Martial Arts as it is.

“Mu Han Total Martial Arts always hopes students find that path.”

What Our Students Are Saying

  • Mu Han and its team has been amazing for sending my daughter's confidence and overall demeanor into the stratosphere. An easy recommend from me.

    Greg H


  • Not only did I go there yrs ago at the 1st school in Attleboro, but I know have my 6 yr old daughter going. She absolutely loves going.



  • You know when you don't have to drag your child to an activity, that says a lot. Thank you Master Oh and team at Mu Han. Respect and confidence.

    Jessica A


  • The instructors all know the kids by name and do a great job teaching respect and discipline while also keeping it fun.

    Robin E


  • Master Oh is not only a master in Taekwondo, but he is a master in motivating his students. He definitely gets the best out of all of them! I highly recommend Mu Han!

    Morgan L


  • Role models are important. I was looking for the Best Martial Arts, a place where my grandson would not only learn this type of Martial arts but grow in every way possible.

    Donna C

    Former Student