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  • DTrain
  • Bob Boardman
  • Jarrod W. Ilkowitz
  • Helen Cha Owens
  • Paula McKeever
  • Emily Piangerelli
  • Jennifer Andrews Weaver
  • Mu Han is more than a place to train in Martial Arts - it's also a family. So happy to be part of it!

    Jennifer Campbell
  • An amazing school and amazing instructor's. ....enough said

    Brian Barci
  • Antonio Nelson
  • Everard Kamphorst
  • Amazing place. Very patient, respectful and supportive. I highly recommend...

    Marjorie Dutra
  • Justino Vazquez
  • This is the best class I've enrolled my eight year old daughter into. The instructors are fabulous. There's so much positive energy and reinforcement given to my child each class. Master Oh and all the instructors, I can't thank you enough for the world of difference you've made in my child's life.

    Nichole Forbes
  • The people that are running it was the best to my gf she said that they we're so cool and worked with her to help her get the moves down she went to the one in Franklin ma

    Corey Seekell
  • These guys are the real deal. Look no further, this is the school for you. Whether you're looking for a family oriented school or hardcore training this is the place to go.

    Jacob Charbonneau
  • Awesome place for kids 4 and up. They really know how to handle kids and get them to be confident. Just one month and so much progress from my little man. First day I had to leave and master O got him to be comfortable and now he doesn't want to stop coming. And they are all awesome.

    Jax Camarao
  • Anyone that opens a business like this is in it for the passion and the love of martial arts. It once was a dying breed and thank Gods for social media that it has made a tremendous come back. I strongly suggest everyone to reevaluate their lives, young or old and get themselves into a place such as this one. It will teach you many things you never realized about yourself. Stay healthy, stay focused and live life.

    Robert M Silva
  • Jacob Kang
  • Mike Curran
  • David Handley
  • Jill Belcher
  • Matthew Leclaire
  • Barbara Lynch
  • Charley Eastman
  • Shannon Gallagher
  • I agree ! anyone who is anyone and who would like a fresh start on life or the excitement of challenging oneself should find time to join muhan and master oh.

    Tim Scott Mercurio
  • Sean M. Megley
  • John Torres

    David Baker
  • Barbara Bambi Gabriel
  • Marie Powers
  • Jamie Lee Scanlon
  • Oh Jin


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