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Here at Mu Han Total Martial Arts, we believe that World Taekwondo is the missing piece in every person’s life – no matter their age, athletic experience, or personal background. But this art form goes beyond kicks and punches. Taekwondo strengthens the mind and spirit as well as the body. We are committed to helping each and every student reach their fullest potential. If you’re looking to change your life, look no further. At Mu Han, we provide high-quality Taekwondo education with passionate instructors, a beautiful dojo, and lessons that last a lifetime. Get started today!

Overview Of Our Martial Arts Programs

Ages 4-6

Little Tigers

The earlier your child is introduced to martial arts, the better! That’s why our Little Tiger Taekwondo classes are so important to us here at Mu Han Total Martial Arts. Our youngest students are taught by each location’s lead master, supported by an instructor specialized for this age group. This class will focus on introducing the basics of Taekwondo, teaching focus and patience, along with having fun!

Ages 6-12

Junior Beginner/Advanced

Our Junior’s Taekwondo classes get students active at a young age and foster a love for martial arts right off the bat. We teach our students how to punch and kick through various methods with a controlled manner of discipline, respect, and self-control. Over time these three factors will build their confidence. Not just in themselves, but, in every aspect of their everyday lives! Beginner and Advanced are separated by belt rank.

Ages 13-17

Teen's Taekwondo

Are you ready to take your Taekwondo training up a notch? Our teen classes are built for the most physically active martial artists looking to learn a new skill, then learning to adapt and apply that skill, creating new challenges to overcome. Start the journey today!

Ages 18+

Adults Taekwondo

Our adult Taekwondo classes are structured to enhance your knowledge of ancient martial art and technique philosophy. Combined with physical activity, we ensure increased strength, flexibility, mobility, and decreased stress. Pushing you to perform better not only physically and mentally, but, in other aspects of your life as well.

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