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Concept establishment for Martial Arts Sparring practice purpose

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  • Concept Establishment

The best way to organize and understand subject is seeing and realizing boundary and build up standard for subject so that I categorized sparring concept by the main purpose of contact, the style of Arts, the methods and the standard of contact power level.

  1. What does Martial Arts Rules and Regulations stand for?

People live in different environment like Japan is in island, China is in big continental and Korea have a lot of mountain the same as the rest of other Countries. When people live in their environment, people must adopt well their environment however they can’t survive or success in their life.

Martial Arts are developed by people who get influent by what they surrounding their environment such as weather, size of land, shape of land, elevation and different enemies. This fact made their style of Martial Art shaped, which rule and regulations, were from Nature their environment to live. Time after time people have created and developed way of the path their Martial Technique to next generation and those Martial knowledge and technique which included the way of contact practice.

Since we developed our technology in modern times we overcome more our environment facts which we do not get effect rule and regulation from the nature anymore. That also made our enemy changed differently.

In conclusion, rules and regulations for contact is artificial environment where their Martial Arts legacy from.

Key Fact

Style of Art



Targeted develop

Weapons example



Mountain, wooded area

Agility and needs stronger leg

Short Bow, Straight sword

Karate, Kendo


Island, Ship

Firm block and smaller step

Katana sword and way of their swing style

Kung Fu

(Northern Style)


Wide open meadow

Jumping and longer action

Long spear, Turning momentum use

Style of Sparring

Targeted skill

Main Basic Motions



Taekwondo Sparring

Lower body skill

Kick:  90%

Hand: 10%

Ground: 0%

 No allow punch to head and no ground


Boxing Sparring

Upper body skill

Kick: 0%

Hand: 100%

Ground: 0%

 No kicking and no ground




 Ground skill

Kick: 0%

Hand: 0%

Ground: 100%

 No Punching and no kicking


v  Key fact- As you see the above table when we restrict basics except for what we want to target to be improved basics.

v  Key fact- No specific style of Martial Arts is the strongest however person who adopt right style of Arts in right situations. 


Mu Han = No Limits

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