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Master Oh, Martial Arts Instructor

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Master Oh

1. Born

I was born in January 14th 1971 Pusan South Korea. My father was Master sergent in Marine Corp in Korea and he took Korean war and Vietnam war as U.S marine. He was always strict to me since I was born and until now. When I was 3 years old,he decided to retire and our family moved Seoul Korea in 1974.

2. Beginning

My father wanted I grew up strongly mentally and physically so he put me in to Taekwondo School when I was 5 years old however I really didn’t like to practice Martial arts back then.

I wasn’t attending Taekwondo School well and my father found out and he was very disappointed to me and I stopped training. After an year later some group of older kids took my shoes from me and when my father found out he wasn’t very much happy about that fact so he put me in another Martial Arts,what we called Sip Pal Ki (Korean old military Martial Arts),in forced. Somehow I liked that School and my Master(Young Soo Park 7th degree black belt Sip Pal Ki) so I studied under him until I got 2nd degree Black belt in Sip Pal Ki when I was 5th or 6th grade. After I got 2nd degree Black belt I started to get interested in Martial Arts so I started practice little more intense way and also I added up practice Taekwondo as well.

3. My Martial Arts

When I was in teen,I started very deep into the Martial Arts. I also started in competitions

  • 1989’ 1st National Kung Fu Competition
  • 1992’ 1st place Form, Spear and
  • 75Kg division sparring in Seoul Korea
  • 1992’ Wu Shu Asian game International Team Trial I couldn’t keep continue until 1994 because of my military service period.
  • 1996’ Started working at Korea Professional Taekwondo Federation’s Master This period I had practiced several different arts such as Aikido, Kumdo, Judo,Taekkyun and etc.
  • 1997’ to 1999’ Demostrated and taught at West Point, 707 Special Force, President Body guard camp and green beret in Korea
  • 1997 International Team for World Professional Taekwondo Championship
  • 2000’ Came to America for demonstration Martial Arts

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