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Mu Han Kickboxing Classes

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Beginner Mu Han Kickboxing Classes Enrolling In March

Mu Han Total Martial Arts' Kickboxing classes in Frankling, Attleboro, and Taunton are an exciting, action-packed class that relieves stress, burns calories, and kicks your metabolism into high gear in a fun and exciting Kickboxing workout. You'll kick your want to a stronger, learner, more toned body in no time at all.

Enjoy an authentic, high-energy Korean Kickboxing program that motivates you and pushes you further than you ever thought possible. Kickboxing in Attleboro, Taunton, and Franklin is an intense Martial Arts workout that builds strength, speed, timing, stamina, and power while improving your confidence, discipline, and flexibility. 

Kickboxing in Franklin

Kick Start Your Martial Arts Training With Kickboxing Classes In Taunton, Franklin, & Attleboro!

Our Kickboxing classes are designed for participants to work according to their own experience and skill level while increasing their cardiovascular fitness. The Kickboxing instructors at Mu Han Total Martial Arts have gone out of their way to put together a Kickboxing program that is second-to-none. With each new class, you'll burn as many as 800 calories for superfast weight loss that you can't get by just going to the gym. What's more, you'll enjoy dozens of added benefits, too. Here are just a few:

  • Reduce daily stress by releasing excessive energy and tension
  • Lose weight and look younger
  • Your circulation will improve and your body will feel great
  • Enjoy razor-sharp focus and a clear mind
  • Unwanted weight will disappear in a flash, revealing gorgeous muscle tone

Mu Han Kickboxing - or 'Kyeok Too Ki' - was founded by Grand Master Gui Jin Kim. Similar in style to Kickboxing - hence the reason it is often called 'Korean Kickboxing' - is a dynamic Martial Art that improved conditioning, strength, and athletic performance. 

The instructor of Mu Han Total Martial Arts' Kickboxing class, Grand Master Chang Kang, holds a 5th Degree Black Belt and Master Licence from Korea's Kyeok To Ki Association and also served as Je Ju State committee member.

Discover What It Feels Like To Be In Great Shape & To Learn An Amazing Martial Art Skill!

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Our Mu Han Kickboxing Classes Are Located In

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  • Franklin
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