Jing Wu Kung Fu

So what makes this martial art so special? Simple – Kung Fu trains every part of the student. Not only will it challenge you physically, but it will push you to achieve better concentration, help relieve stress and anxiety, and allow you to express yourself more confidently and frequently. Due to its flowing movements and peaceful mindset, Kung Fu is like no other sport. But don’t just take our word for it – enroll in Mu Han Total Martial Arts’ Kung Fu class today and experience it for yourself

Jing Wu Kung Fu

What It Is

Unlike other martial arts disciplines, Kung Fu doesn’t just include one style. In fact, Kung Fu includes hundreds of different forms, such as Shaolin Kung Fu, Tai Chi, and the Northern Praying Mantis. At Mu Han Total Martial Arts, instead of focusing on just one of these styles, our Kung Fu class incorporates principles from several of the most prominent forms of Kung Fu. Throughout this course, students will learn about the defining characteristics behind each of the styles that are utilized in their training. When it comes to Kung Fu, we believe that knowledge is just as powerful as physical skill.

Kung Fu is often compared to Karate, but the two actually have quite a few differences. Let’s break it down – Karate and Kung Fu often incorporate similar punches, strikes, and kicks. However, it is the manner in which these techniques are performed that separates the two disciplines. Kung Fu has a wider variety of techniques than Karate and is characterized by circular motions, often using the hands. In fact, many of the movements of Kung Fu were created as an imitation of different animals. Meanwhile, Karate includes sharper movements that are carried out with less grace.

Health Benefits

When you’re practicing Kung Fu, you’re engaging just about every part of your body. Kung Fu training provides martial artists with a unique set of physical advantages that are sure to get you in amazing shape, improve your execution in all other athletic activities, and bring you great fulfillment. Kung Fu is a very balanced discipline, boosting practitioners’ strength and flexibility simultaneously. This high-intensity and aerobic workout conditions the body – improving stamina, energy levels, and cardiovascular health.

Mental Growth

Don’t get us wrong – physical health is extremely important. But here at Mu Han Total Martial Arts, mental health comes first.

Kung Fu is an activity that requires intense focus and high energy levels. As a result, this martial art is perfect for releasing endorphins, managing your emotions, and lifting your spirits after a bad day. After just a few Kung Fu classes at Mu Han Total Martial Arts, you will begin to see its effects on all areas of your life – from improved confidence, to stronger work performance, to better communication skills.

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